Visiting Newark, Choose Turkish Airlines as Your Flying Partner

12 Aug

Find Tibetan Artifacts at Newark Museum

Just near the waters of Newark Reach, you will find the largest museum of Garden State. Exhibitions hosted here include masterworks of American realism to curious relics brought from the far reaches of the Tibetan Plateau. Well, in fact, it is referred by many as the finest Sino-Tibetan exhibits in the world, where you will find over 5,000 artifacts and that also include an altarpiece blessed by the Dalai Lama. Book with Turkish Airlines and win special discounts and offers. 

You should also visit the intriguing science rooms to see, which includes an acclaimed planetarium and hands-on exhibitions about energy and waste.

Get Entertained at New Jersey Performing Arts Center

This center has established itself among the most known performing arts centers in the entire United States. Here, you will witness a diverse range of live entertainments and performances from both local talents of the United States and also from abroad. The institution welcomes and is a platform to stand-up comedians to jazz jam sessions to R&B gigs to classical ensembles. To know all about easy Turkish Airlines Check In process, reach the official website or the app over phone.

So not surprisingly here you will also find huge crowd flocking from New York and New Jersey State. New Jersey Performing Arts Center is host to several festivals, like Newark’s only major jazz fests, such as TD James Moody Democracy of Jazz Festival in November and the Sounds of the City.

Get Mesmerized by the Cherry Trees of Branch Brook Park

In the northern reaches of Essex County, it is spread over 359 acres of land and may not be the best spot for walkers. But what still makes people come from all over to Branch Brook Park is its cherry trees. Here you will find 14 different species of blossoming tree and over 4,000 individual trees, the Cherry Blossom Festival that’s held every April promises blooms of pink and white to compete with Tokyo as well. Book the best seat in the house with Turkish Airlines Reservations at a little extra fee.

In off season, visitors can enjoy the winding pathways, cross elegant bridges and enjoy the blooming Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart on the eastern side of the Gardens.

Be Part of History at Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart

Just near blooming Branch Brook Park, you will find the spectacular array of Gothic Revivalism in the form of Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart. This truly colossal church is referred to as one of the largest basilicas in all of America. It was erected in the year 1898, which took astonishingly, 29 years to complete. The reason behind this is its intricate designs that play between Anglo-style flying buttresses and French medieval spires.

If you are visiting this fascinating site, then do enjoys its soothing chamber music, which rises up to an ambitious building project that gave rise to its 71-meter tall towers.

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